Once I have given it all away

(video live-stream on computer, performance documentation), 2016:

excerpt of live-streaming video documentation of the 8-hour performance

Over the course of 8 hours – before, during, and after a formal review of an installation of some of my work – I wrote down with a thick, black marker on newsprint a poem composed entirely in my mind during a previous performance (@work). I then carefully traced in pencil and re-painted the poem in the same black marker over and over until the 8 hours were completed.

This video (excerpt) serves as documentation of that 8-hour performance, (also streamed live on Facebook at the time in its entirety). Although I am not visible during the course of this video, the audio will serve as documentation of my presence as well as that of others.

Across the table from me, I offered another chair and some pages pre-traced in pencil for others visiting the installation to join me if desired.