Introduction to Digital Art

  1. class: Introduction to Digital Art
  2. term: 2nd year
  3. description:
  4. The content of this course is primarily artistic, but with a very strong technical component as well as theoretical/historical. Through lectures on the history of Art & Technology, Digital Art, Video Art, and Algorithmic Art, I encourage students in this course to consider the coincidence of art and technology. I do this as a way to expose them to non-traditional art-making practices.
  5. For this project, the students were encouraged to consider performance and video. Various modes of performance were suggested, such as performing directly for the camera or in public with the video used as documentation.
Tommy Tsai, 2019
Hadley Rotter, 2019
Adil Mahmoud, 2019
Daniel Paige, 2019
Xiang Li, 2019
Grace Li, 2019
Imel Dinkins, 2019
Anna Davis, 2019