(video live-stream on computer, performance documentation), 2016:

04excerpt of documentation of a 40-hour performance over the course of a week.

During the course of a single work week (5 workdays/40 hours & 2 days off on the weekend), I labored for Facebook performing duties that include friending (requesting friendship from) strangers, and sharing photos and videos with Facebook viewers, among others.

Also during that week, when not engaged in my “work” for Facebook, I did not engage any other digital or social media, which included Facebook, Twitter, email, phone use including texting and calling, credit card use, digital ID card use, MetroCard use, or television use.

This video is an excerpt of more than 40-hours of documentation of my time “at work” for Facebook.

There is no documentation of any time off other than a single poem that I composed entirely in my head.