a walk to the park

Over the course of several weeks, I walked to a park near my apartment on a daily basis (continuing an almost daily ritual for me over the many years that I have lived in New York), and this video is a kind of documentation of that experience over time. It is the park where I not only met my long-time partner, but also where I take my dog for walks. It is a systematic exploration space and time via my body, the camera, the footage, and the street.

song of syntactics

This is a study in abstraction and movement, of movement through spaces and the representation of such movement. I think of it as something of a song, poem, or verse; and so, with the structural implications of those forms in mind, I imagined that each of the video elements could each possibly be separate musical instruments or various individual voices.

In addition, I have aligned each piece of audio with a corresponding piece of audio.Each element of media may signify or correspond to another element in a different media. As such, I also think of this composition as a kind of exploration of meaning, the making of meaning, in which I attempt to put the audio in semiotic dialogue with the video.

Furthermore, any notion of a figurative narrative, to which the less abstract video objects might haltingly hint, is balanced by similarly treated elements of video and audio abstraction. I hope that this creates some sort of dialogue not only between the video and audio elements, but also between the narrative and non-narrative, as well as between abstraction and figuration.

circles, fall 2012

circles, fall 2012

walking to work 01

walking to work 01, fall 2012

walking to work 02

walking to work 02, fall 2012

walking to work 03

walking to work 03, fall 2012


walking to work 04

walking to work 04, fall 2012

walking to work 06

walking to work 06, fall 2012

walking to work 07

walking to work 07, fall 2012