Web-based Interactivity

  1. class: Web-Based Interactivity
  2. term: 3rd semester
  3. description:
  4. In this intermediate class, actual programming concepts (primarily basic procedures such as functions, conditionals, and looping) are integrated into a design-centered course, with additional topics related to functionality and the ease of use & the site or application interface. Each week, simple programming concepts are introduced alongside various fundamental design topics that the students are expected to explore on a deeper level than previous design courses.
  5. With the final project, each student is required to explore the issues discussed and investigated throughout the class. After museum and gallery visits of work focusing on digital media and design but including all media, the students create websites based on an artist. They are required to research the artist, his/her work, and the artistic milieu in order to generate content. The projects proceed in an iterative and reiterative fashion with weekly “pinup sessions” of each student’s work for the class to discuss and for the student to practice verbalizing her/his ideas and defending the work.
(click on images to view active websites)
P. Mirón, 2010

P. Mirón, 2012

M. Makarewicz, 2012

M. Makarewicz, 2014

D. Adams, 2011

D. Adams, 2013

S. Dou, 2013

S. Dou, 2015

M. Makarewicz, 2012

M. Makarewicz, 2014

Introduction to Web-design

M. Malcolm, 2015

S. Dobric, 2012

S. Dobric, 2014

A. Santos, 2013

A. Santos, 2012