/ˈkɑːn.trækt / / kənˈtrækt /

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This project is an exploration of value as it pertains to domestic space & art, identity as it pertains to roles individuals play in markets (buyers, sellers, owners, etc), trust & consideration as they pertain to contractual agreements; but foremost in exchange as a social activity rather than a commercial one.

There are 6 initial steps to CNTRCT:

  • Encounter:
    the Artist engages a friend, acquaintance, colleague, or even a stranger who is willing to participate in CNTRCT. This encounter may be initiated in person, online, by the Artist himself, or by YOU.
  • Tour:
    the Artist tours the living space of the participant, in person or virtually, where she/he/they may recount specific information about the various spaces within, such as but not limited to the daily activities, current or past uses, past events, objects/furniture, emotional/psychological significance.
  • Device:
    During the tour, if both parties remain interested, the Artist presents the Device (a measuring implement) to the participant(s) that measures out a perfect square foot of space. This Device will measure out and frame the Owner’s Consideration in the forthcoming exchange.
  • Space:
    Once the tour is complete, we, the Owner and the Artist, come to an agreement as to which particular square foot will be measured by the Device and allocated to the Space, thus formally indicating the Owner’s Consideration in the exchange.
  • Object:
    the Artist will discuss his practice and enumerate the possible objects that may act as the Object and thereby serve as the Artist’s Consideration in the exchange.
    Once all the terms of the exchange have been determined, the Owner and the Artist both sign the contract.

Once the exchange has been made and the contract has been signed, CNTRCT commences:

  • The Artist may, within reason and the bounds of the contract, provide any “thing” at all to the Owner to serve as worthy exchange for the Space; and the Owner, within reason and the bounds of the

What the square-foot value of a home may be is a natural first question when entering the real estate market, whether participating in the role of buyer or seller.

Real estate data measures this value in dollars per-square-foot in the US, and the health or weakness in any particular market is measured by whether this figure is rising, holding steady, or falling. Typically, the total amount exchanged for the right to ownership of the property is a multiple of this value.

This amount, the price or exchange value, is known as consideration in legal terms. However, consideration is not limited merely to economic values and may be expressed in other ways. Widely construed, it may be anything of value promised to another when making a contract; and may in fact take the form of money, but also of physical objects, services, promised action(s), refraining from a future action(s), etc.