Advanced Interactivity

  1. class: Web-Based Interactivity
  2. term: 3rd semester
  3. description:
  4. Each of these projects explores a different programming concept, from simple procedures to complicated nested procedures, from the manipulation of basic object, to complex arrangements of a wider conception of the term “object” using object oriented programming. Each time, the student was challenged to engage not only with the inherent programming challenges, but also the artistic and design issues that arose from their particular solutions.

(click on images to open animated or interactive file)

M. Santiago, 2011

particle fountain, M. Santiago, 2011

M. Santiago, 2011

movable particle fountain, M. Santiago, 2011


moving cloud particles, J. Brown, 2011

randomized properties, S. Zhang, 2012

J. Garcia, 2012

F. Rodriguez, 2011

bubble particles, F. Rodriguez, 2011

S. Dou, 2012

music player (entirely code generated), S. Dou, 2012