Web Art & Creative Coding

  1. class: Web Art & Creative Coding
  2. term: 3rd year
  3. description:
  4. The content of this course is primarily artistic, but with a very strong technical component as well as theoretical/historical. Through lectures on the history of Art & Technology, Digital Art, Creative Coding, and Web Art, I encourage students in this course to view technology and code as creative media first and foremost. I do this as a way to expose them to alternative notions of design, one that is more interrogative and non-instrumentalizing of creative output.
  5. For this (final) project of the term, the students were free to explore their own approach to creative coding for the web.

(click on the images below to view the fully-functional sites)

Catlism (Infinite Cats), Sijie Xie, 2018
Random Filters, Laura Gasparik
Create Your Own Collage, Liang Gao