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As a court order is required for customers to access their own text messages from their providers, I downloaded the entire text message exchange between my twin sister and myself as far back as I could go in time without such an order. This amounted to more than 3-year span that documented not only every word that we exchanged during that time, but also our increasing usage of the service. It also represented the often not so subtle distinctions between case-changes, the presence or type of punctuation (or number of them in the case of question marks and exclamation points), and typos. This project is an attempt to give some sort of voice to such a voiceless language.

This project has 3 basic parts:

  1. Once I downloaded the text exchange between my twin and myself, I created an array of each of those pre-existing ‘text elements;’
  2. Next, I created a corresponding array of audio elements;
  3. Finally, I created a randomizing algorithm used to put the 2 arrays together to form a new synthetic “language,” unique to each user and each time the site is engaged.