untitled performance (selfie-surveillance)

(video projection), 2016:

installation view

wall projection and audio on separate channels
photo & textual documentation over the course of a 30 day performance:
partial selection from total of approximately 10,000 photos & over 30,000 words

During the course of a month (30 days), while passing through the streets and buildings of New York during my daily comings and goings, I took note of every camera pointed toward the street and sidewalk. They might have been on the side of buildings, next to the doors of apartment buildings or townhouses, through the window or above the entrances of shops, throughout the interiors of various institutions, or at multiple intersections and other significant sites. In each instance, I used my telephone to document myself as the camera I had spotted might have captured me, thus blocking the vector of the camera image with my own telephone camera and co-opting the surveillance into my own hands. I had no way of knowing whether the cameras were functional; and, if so, where the images or video might have been saved or sent, nor their life-span. Once captured, I uploaded my own self-documentation/self-surveillance to the cloud.