abstractions in store

(video, performance), 2014:
This project makes use of iPhone video, used to record and document a kind of performance in which ultimately construct an abstraction made of quotidian, mass-produced paper, plastic things.

Abstractions In Store

These performances explore the ephemeral nature of objects and artworks. For these short videos, I perform secret investigations of dollar stores, party stores, and stores that sell such common domestic items. I document the spaces within and the wares for sale using my cellular camera, as well as the type of surveillance and activities of the staff employed within. Returning home, I create abstract studies using the images of the documented objects. Upon deciding on a final composition, I return to the store, collect the necessary objects, create the still-life on a shelf somewhere or the floor, and document it with my cellular camera. Once complete, I return the objects to their original spots on the shelves. All that remains is the documentation, as well as the planning diagrams.

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