Author: carterdjohnson

artist, animator, designer

Sunday, 09/05/2021

A rectangular light appears in the dark. A film screen, some other kind of object? Then another light, more rounded and slanted. A spark between them, and the sound of film rolling, along with closeups, a rotating reel, flickering light, camera machinery; more light, flashes of imagery,camera parts, an erect penis fades into an upside-down […]

Saturday, 08/21/2021

A few things that I am tired of, that annoy, frustrate, enrage, or bore me (some of which should be obvious) American football superheroes machismo, sexism, homophobia, racism, transphobia, classism (all except as employed in role-plays) willful ignorance capitalism anti-union activities and ideologies lobbyists The Senate The Electoral College Judicial lifetime appointments partisan control of […]

Friday, 08/20/2021

I don’t know how long I sat there in that seat, possibly leather, although it was more likely vinyl – a bit less soft, stiff, but a bit slicker, squeakier, artificial – where I felt a kind of comfort and familiarity, despite the fact, in retrospect, that I know that I had never been in […]

05-13-19: p5js

testing images with p5js drag mouse to change image; click to save;

05-12-19: p5js

testing p5.js (processing for web & mobile)

05-04-19: gallery

Zach Nader: Psychic Pictures@ Microscope Gallery

05-03-19: s.a.p.

(possible origin story??) buzz, buzz, buzz, ding, ding, chimmmmmme 07:00 the event handler, or trigger, placed a solitary new instruction switch in the center of the the processor’s memory, one individual element of information positioned within the near frictionless space of the processor’s paths surrounded by its opposite, nothing; this nothing was precisely that, the […]

04-27-19: ai

Will we know if an artificial intelligence ‘wakes up’? A question in the back of my mind for some time now has been whether we humans will know, will we ourselves even be aware of other conscious beings in our midst. Will we know if an AI “wakes up?” That of course also suggests other […]

04-07-19: gallery

Jennifer Steinkamp: Impeach@ Lehman Maupin Pussykrew: the bliss of metamorphing collapse@ Postmasters

04-05-19: walking

I am once again thinking about walking. I suppose that being a New Yorker, particularly a Manhattanite, that this is typical activity and so therefore a logical source of material for my work, not to mention that it is something that I have thought about off and on for some time. It is also not […]