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This project is in part an exploration of value as it pertains to domestic space,  of identity as it pertains to roles played by participants (buyers, sellers, agents, etc) in real estate markets, and of trust as it pertains to contractual agreements.

What the square-foot value of a home may be, is a natural first question when entering the real estate market, whether participating in the role of buyer or of seller.

Real estate data measures this value in dollars per square foot in the US, and the health or weakness in any particular market is measured by whether this figure is rising, holding steady, or falling. Typically, the total amount exchanged for the right to ownership of the property is a multiple of this value.

This amount, the price or exchange value, is known as consideration in legal terms. However, consideration is not limited merely to economic values and may be expressed in other ways. Widely construed, it may be anything of value promised to another when making a contract; and may in fact take the form of money, but also of physical objects, services, promised action(s), refraining from a future action(s), etc.

But what exactly are these particular markets, might be the next question, and who or what fits into one or another market? What causes some markets to rise and others to fall? Who are the actors, and what are their relationships to the particular market and to each other.